No more, or less, than putting my mind and body to the grindstone; in an effort (vain, or otherwise), to get fit enough to sail through the remainder of my life, with as few aches and pains (whimpers and groans), as is possible, at this rather late stage in the ageing process.
It's never too late.
Although I barely believe that to be the truth.
But this is how I'm attempting to do it.
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I chose the one on the right. For a number of specific reasons, of which I won't bore you with the intricate details; but mostly because I preferred the colour scheme. Yes, I'm that shallow! But it does look nice though, doesn't it?

As an aside.
I did have a bike for 12 years prior to this one, which, to my personal fitness detriment, I barely used; and then, about 12 months ago, it was stolen from the outside of my flat (apartment).
This, of course, left me with two options; forget about bicycles altogether, or buy a new one, and bloody well use it.
As you can tell, I plumped for option two.
But it's the second part of that, that is proving to be the more difficult factor.
I honestly believe that the only way that I can truly get fit is by enjoying the practices that I choose.
This leaves me fewer options.

I dislike gyms.
I think I have only ever visited a gym twice in my life, and on one of those occasions it was just to meet someone.
I also don't want to spend a good deal of money on something I am particularly sure that I won't enjoy, and, for that reason, not use all that much.
I could work out at home; and perhaps I will. Although I would have to discover the discipline to do so, which I have found to be sorely lacking in most of my lifetime.

I'm not big on running.
Once, when I was a child, I probably did enjoy racing around on foot.
Now though, I feel differently.
Treading heavily on paving stones and asphalt does not fill me with glee, nor does it do much for my knees and hips. These days I am far more likely to tread lightly, and leave a lower carbon footprint.

And so my decision is thus:
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Yoga, Stretching, Balance.

It's simple, not stressful, allows me to think; and is something that I can, fortunately, quite easily manage.

The question now, of course, is whether these exercises are going to get, and keep, me fit.
Time will tell, as it always does.
New beginning (never ending?).
We shall see.

And as soon as the blog page is up and going, everyone will.

Blog Page

And if anyone's on Strava who wants to 'friend', add 'kudos', 'follow', or simply check the figures, please feel free.

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