Work Harder/Harder Work

Even after only two weeks, I am beginning to see some small gains; mostly in energy levels, but a little in fitness.
And what I've discovered, is that the fitter you get, the harder that you have to work to remain at that new level, and beyond.
Perhaps it's self-evident to most people; but it's just something that I hadn't actually considered.
I tend to work from my wrist heart rate watch, which shows different colours for different levels of exertion - i.e. how hard that your heart is working - red being the highest level.
As you get fitter, for the same route/exercise, you spend less time in the red zone, if exercising at the same level as before. Which, if you're trying to trim down a bit, means that you're burning less kcal, simply because you don't need to work so hard.
So, if you do want that trim, slim and enviable body; you have to work that much harder. The walks get longer, the rides get longer and the Yoga positions get held for a longer time and/or become more.
There's a benefit, of course; as I mentioned before, energy levels increase; more endorphins are released, making you happier, one hopes.
It seems the only goal that there can be is to get fitter, not just get fit. Find your level and maintain it, or go on and test yourself to see just how good you can be.
As I stated I'm only two weeks in, so very early stages; but I'm very glad to have started.

Work (and no play?)

It now seems, as we enter August, that the Film and TV world is getting its act together; thus enabling me to get back to earning some money, after a long, long, 'sabbatical'. This is great news, and fingers are diligently crossed, that it all comes to fruition.

Much less time to work on fitness.

So, I've set myself some challenges, courtesy of Strava.
50 kilometres walking, this month
20 hours, mixed, walking and cycling, over 28 days.
320 minutes of general exercise over 10 days.
Obviously, they'll somewhat blend into each other; but I'm finding that setting a few goals does give me a certain impetus to complete them, and they do all fit into my fitness criteria.