A Month of Challenges

So, it's been a month; and in that period, thanks (or maybe not) to Strava for the encouragement that you can get to achieve some 'fairly' realistic goals.
In July I have purely concentrated on one thing; and that has been to cycle the 100 miles necessary to complete the Alzheimer's Society - Cycle for Dementia ride, which, on Sunday 26th, I achieved; along with raising some money for that charity.
Coinciding with that, I also managed to complete 5 other challenges.


Most pleased about?
Cycling 100 miles, and for a very good cause.
It's also inspired me to do more cycling for charitable causes, if I can. Which, of course, has the knock on effect of getting me riding more, and improving my overall fitness.

My First Success?

Did a little stretching/yoga this morning, uploaded it and was pleasantly surprised to find that I had completed the Mammut Local Adventure Challenge.

Screenshot 2020-06-17 at 11.16.42

Now search out some other relatively straightforward goals, and apply myself to those.

Day One - Week Two

Out on the Bike. Went for a Walk. Practised some Yoga. All three in one day - Hoorah! Don't actually feel fantastic. The bike ride was short and heavy-legged. The walk was considerably average. But the yoga was good. It's good to stretch.