Slow December

Only managed the two Strava 'badges' this month. It's scary times, cold and a disinclination to brave the elements and the virus spreaders.


Signing off the year with a, 'could do better'. In so many things Happy

Lockdown 2

Rest and recuperation isn't so tricky when you're not working. At least in the physical sense. Mentally though, it's quite another matter.
Stress, through lack of work, can lead to many problems. Inactivity, lack of stimuli, over eating, eating poorly, lethargy etcetera.
And this is where I've found that the simple challenges, posted on Strava, have come in particularly handy.

Don't be afraid to fail.

I took on eight challenges this month. Successfully completed Five. Didn't even begin two of them, which left one incomplete (although valiantly attempted).
Once upon a time I would have beaten myself up for failing to complete all eight. Now though, with a more positive attitude, I can congratulate myself on finishing five; which then encourages me to try that little bit harder, to accomplish that little bit more.
It really is small increments, which will ultimately lead to greater success. Nobody, and no body, is perfect first time; there will always be highs and lows, successes and failures; it's how you deal with them that's important.

The Five Successes:

2081-logolast of the light-logoLeCol-logoODLO logoTHRIVA-logo

Slow down

Just the four this month. Getting there, but it's a rather slower process than I at first thought.


And an improvement on the previous two months Happy



Fully Paid

My Strava 60 day trial ended this month, but decided to bite the bullet and pay the annual fee. It seems to make a difference to my workout incentive; having a few achievable, but not too unrealistic goals.

Did actually achieve the final two, for this month - though the Arcteryx one took until the final day to complete.


Pleased with getting them both; and have now enrolled in a few more for September. Mixing it up next month, with walking, cycling, workout, weights and Yoga.

It's A Heatwave!

An unreasonable, but perhaps not unseasonal, hot spell has hit the UK.
Averaging around 36 Centigrade /97 Fahrenheit, for the past six days; has led (at least for me) to a lot of unprecedented sweating from doing almost next to nothing. It's also left me feeling rather lethargic and withdrawn, plus a little annoyed with myself for not getting out on the bike - but it's too damn hot!
Perhaps that is an age thing, but, who knows? Although this blog is supposed to be about getting fit at the age I am!

I am walking a bit more than last month, which is a plus; and I did start the month with three targets; one of which I've completed.


Another one I should, but the other one I have doubts about.

Another plus does seem to have been that I've lost some weight, about 2 kilos; which I put down to sweating a lot; that, and probably not eating as much - I don't get so hungry in the heat.

Hopefully the 'wave' will break soon, and I'll find the energy to get back on my bike Happy